Laf-Laf Mediterranean Food

These days I’m crazy about hummus. Since I moved to FL, my hubby and I often look for Mediterranean food. I don’t really remember my hometown San Jose has as many Mediterranean restaurants as here. Probably it does, just I wan’t really into it. Anyway we drove to Coral Springs to stop by open houses last week and had brunch at Laf-Laf Mediterranean Food.


We got Beef and Chicken Shawarma and Hummus Bowl with Falafel. There are at least two things that we like this place, VOLUME and PRICE. Shawarma is humungous!  A lot of fresh vegetables are stuffed in pita and meat is actually on top of the veggies. Kind of messy but love it! We both like chicken more than beef because it’s more tender. If beef is little bit more fatty, that will be great.


Hummus Bowl with Falafel is huge as well. We also ordered three extra falafel, but we realized that’s too much. Hummus is rich and creamy, kind of spicy and garlicky. I think there is garlic sauce mixed with it. Falafel is crispy outside quite soft inside, lot of flavors and texture. And it’s really green, greenest falafel I ever had 🙂


I can’t believe each potion is under $10 and we are so full. This is one of the inexpensive restaurants I’ve been yet they have tasty and satisfying food. Its location is in a nice plaza and inside is clean 🙂

One thought on “Laf-Laf Mediterranean Food

  1. Yummmm humous is a favourite. We have a fabulous Turkish restaurant nearby that we go to and the hot mezze is amazing and includes falafel, dolmades etc. Scrumptious.. you’ve just reminded me that we need to book a trip there – thanks x

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