Submarine Crab

My hubby came home early today, what a surprise, and told me to go eat somewhere we’ve never been. And here we are, today is Cajun! We’ve been to Cajun restaurants in San Jose many times, but this is our first time in FL. The restaurant is called Submarine Crab, locates in Pembroke Pines.


We ordered Combo #1: 1lb clams + 2lb Shrimp or Crawfish (we got shrimp). The combo comes with sausages, corn, potatoes and bread.  We also chose medium spicy Classic Cajun Sauce. In a nutshell, it’s very good! It’s so garlicky, spicy, shrimpy and messy!



Shrimp is firm and little sweet, and the spicy cajun juice makes it so tasty. But it could be cooked less because it’s not as succulent as what we wanted. Shrimp must be crunchy. Corn and potatoes soak the juice up and their vegetable umami is multiplied!


We also got Garlic Pasta. It’s very tasty and garlicky. My hubby said it’s little soft and dry, he wants pasta to be always al dente. But overall it’s good! We poured the Cajun sauce over the pasta, perfect combination 🙂


After we finish eating, our waitress brought this unique hand wash. It is basically dry ice in soap water. So soap bubbles grows from the jar that you can clean your fingers. Brilliant idea!


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