Croissant Time

When we have an occasion to go to Ft Lauderdale, we sometimes visit Croissant Time. It’s a fine French bakery. They make fresh croissant, bread, cakes, pastries, pies, and more. The price range is above our standard, but the quality is the best in the area 🙂


We got six mini elegant pastries; cheese, mango, mocha, chocolate, pistachio? cakes and strawberry mousse. Each pastry has its own defined taste. Like, the mango cake has strong MANGO flavor so as mocha and chocolate. Strawberry mousse is the only one that taste lighter, I think. They are all fantastically tasty!


They have so many varieties of cakes and sweets. Decoration is fancy and elegant. Details are so unique and precise 🙂 My hubby requested the chocolate cake for his birthday.


We also got iced teas. They help refreshing my mouth while having sweets. If you are looking for high quality pastries, I highly recommend this place. We had precious mini cakes and precious time 🙂


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