Shabo’s Barbecue

We wanted to explore more restaurants within 30 minutes drive from our home today and decided to drive down to downtown Hollywood. And what a surprise, there are so many restaurants with ★★★★★ reviews 🙂 One restaurant that my eye caught was Moroccan restaurant, Shabo’s Barbecue, I was feeling like having Mediterranean. This restaurant has more than hundreds of good reviews so I was sure it’s good and it’s amazing!

Shabo_s Barbecue3

After much cogitation, so many choices, we decided to order chicken kebab and combo mezze platter. The kebab comes with grilled vegetables and flavored rice with three sauces. It’s very juicy and tender, well seasoned. I really love the smokey aroma. My hubby and I like the green sauce, I think it’s green chili with olive oil. It’s quite spicy but gives a nice kick. Can’t believe how sweet vegetables are!


Shabo_s Barbecue2

Combo mezze platter comes with hummus, falafel, grape leaves, tzatziki, baba ganoush and Mediterranean salad. Actually falafel is our favorite, this could be the best falafel I ever had. The outside is crispy and inside is perfectly mushy and smooth. I can smell fresh ingredients. This is my first time to have warm grape leaves cooked with tomato sauce. I think I like it when it’s warm than chilled. It gives more flavors.

Shabo_s Barbecue4

We don’t smoke hookah but someone was enjoying it outside. They have a lunch menu also,that is very reasonable. We will definitely come back to try!

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