After getting our exotic fruit drinks, we stopped by this Indonesian restaurant “Krakatoa” at the farmers market. It used be very small, only three tables, but now it doubled the size. Also their menu got more varieties 🙂


My hubby got Mie Kuah with chicken, which is an Indonesian sautéed noodle dish. There is a sauce on the bottom, which is sweet and mild, kind of sweet soy sauce with vegetable umami flavor. It really goes with thick egg noodle texture, firm and bouncy. He said it tastes like Sukiyaki Ramen… It comes with an egg roll and huge shrimp chips 😉


And I got Soto Kambing, which is an Indonesian goat stew. The meat is very juicy and tender that I didn’t even bite 🙂 The soup is made of star anise, lemon grass, candle nut and turmeric topped on fried shallot. It’s very strong and flavorful, kind of spicy too. The salad comes with peanut sauce, very delicious!


The restaurant interior, music, busy path and other surrounding markets convey a tropical atmosphere like somewhere in South Asia. These are not many South Asian restaurants in this area, this is a real hidden gem!

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