Merkado 31

My hubby and I had a date night in Miami. We were looking for sightseeing spots for my brothers and sisters, because they are coming to see us in this April,  so exciting ⭐️ They said they wanted to try South American food here since they’ve never have it. So we researched some in the area and found a nice one, Merkado 31. It’s not actually in Miami, but North Miami, parking is easy.



We ordered three dishes. The first one is of course Ceviche Clasico, which is a classic ceviche. The tiger milk, ceviche juice, has very strong lime taste compared to Pikeos 954 and other restaurants. It’s well marinaded and so refreshing, we finished the tiger milk 🙂 This is the must have when we go to a Peruvian restaurant, I hope my siblings can eat raw fish…


Second one is Causa de Atun, tuna causa. This is beautifully decorated, artistic presentation, red, green and yellow and black accent, it’s so pretty! The sauce isn’t strong, so it matches sweetness of potato and tuna. Sometimes it’s too strong that it kills other flavors. It’s a small portion, we could order one more 🙂


Our main was Arroz con Mariscos, Peruvian paella. It comes with many seafood. Shrimp, squid and mussel were tender, perfectly cooked. But octopus was little tough and chewy. Rice has nice flavor and al dente, which I like. It’s perfect for two people.


Our waiter was very professional and kind. Inside was clean and I liked their interior design. I can’t wait to take my siblings here 🙂

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