Bollywood Biryani

Here we come back to our favorite Indian restaurant in Ft Lauderdale. My hubby’s Indian coworker took him here and he likes their food very much. Now he brings me here for authentic south Indian cuisine. They have quite a lot of vegetarian dishes, though we only order meatarian dishes.


We were so hungry that we got four entries. Our first choice is their signature one, Goat Biryani. Rice is so beautiful and colorful, and so aromatic. Thanks to lightness of basmati rice, it doesn’t make me full 🙂 Goat meat is tender and juicy, and yogurt sauce makes it refreshing. And it’s a big bowl!


Our second dish is Tandoori Chicken, which comes on a  sizzling pan. It is also aromatic but different kind, and very flavorful. I can’t imagine how many spices they use. I can eat this with just its smell. What a tasty smell.


Also we got Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Khorma and Garlic Naan. They unbelievably rich and creamy. You can choose spiciness, mild-medium-spicy. We used to order mild but found out that the spicier you go, the tastier food is. I feel flavor gets stronger and more aromatic, so tangy! Smell of garlic naan stimulates my appetite. It is fluffy, but bottom is crispy, perfect for curry!



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