The Alchemist

Finally weekend! My hubby and I went to The Alchemist for quick lunch today. It used to be a hidden gem but it became one of the best well-known coffee shops in South Florida. This place is liberal and so unique: There is a beautiful open garden with many tables. We saw many man, women and LGBT of all ages, also animals.



We both ordered their signature “The Alchemist Iced Coffee”. It’s mixed with brown sugar, condensed milk and whole milk. It tastes smooth, little-sweet but not strong caffeine, kind of similar to Vietnamese coffee. And what I liked about this coffee is that it comes with frozen coffee cubes. So the taste doesn’t get weaker.


We also got a tuna slicer which comes with olives and green leaves. It’s voluminous enough to satisfy our stomaches. Tuna was moist and fresh,  and well prepared. Also mustard and olives give a nice accent. It is simple, but mouth watering. They have many other slicers, will try next time!


They have very unique coffee makers, red light beam and boiling water in these frascos. Alchemists are making elixirs of coffee 🙂


The inside atmosphere creates magical and mysterious feelings. Really love this space and magic circle. Magic happens here 🙂


Welcoming garden outside, it’s so relaxing and beautiful.


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