Pikeos 954

I think Peruvian food is an authentically fusion cuisine. It has a lot of influences from many countries. Some dishes remind me of Asian and Indian food, but some taste like Spanish food. Peruvian food is one of our most favorite South American food. My hubby’s Peruvian coworker recommended this restaurant called Pikeos 954 to him. So it must be good and it was really good!


I ordered Arroz con Pollo con Huancaina, which is chicken with green fried rice. The chicken was very tender and it tastes like curry chicken without gravy. Red onion gives it very fresh aftertaste. Our waitress told me that rice was cooked with cilantro and other spices, so it’s very aromatic, which I very like 🙂 Maybe I am wrong but it’s sort of like Indian food, full of spices.


I believe Ceviche is one of the most popular Peruvian dishes and my hubby appreciates it. He misses Sashimi and raw fish since we moved to Florida because there are not many Japanese restaurants here. What we like about ceviche is that it has citrusy freshness and unique texture. It’s so addictively refreshing that I can’t stop eating 🙂 This dish comes with Causa, which looks like a cake, but it’s actually decorated mashed potato with chicken or seafood. The yellow sauce tastes like a mayonnaise, creamy and rich. We also had deep-fried calamari and shrimp as well. They very go with the juice of ceviche.


Our dessert was Plantain, basically just a fried banana. It’s naturally sweet, little sour, and mushy.


Overall, we really enjoyed our food. Portion was large but they are quite reasonable prices. We didn’t need dinner for today. If you haven’t tried Peruvian food, we very recommend it!


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