Tin Fish

Here we came back again, Tin Fish Restaurant! This is one of our favorite seafood restaurants in the neighbor. It’s not near the beach, so there is no ocean view. But the restaurant’s interior has a nice charm of fisherman’s wharf that conveys beachy atmosphere 🙂


I got Full Order Fish & Chips of Wild Alaskan Cod, which comes with fries, coleslaw and sauce. The fish is perfectly deep-fried, outside is crispy, but inside very soft.  Combination of tartar sauce and Alaskan Cod makes me smile, so rich and creamy. Coleslaw wasn’t really my favorite but my hubby likes it. I think it marinated in vinegar, so aftertaste is refreshing, kind of sweet too.


My hubby got Fried Cod Fish & Shrimp Combo, the sides are the same. He always order this dish and gives me 2 shrimps. Shrimp is quite large so that I had to cut it into pieces. It’s juicy, meaty and succulent, bouncing my mouth.tin-fish7

We came here early dinner time and it was already full, luckily we got outside table. There was live music, when we were enjoying the dinner. It’s February but feel like summer today 🙂


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