Warsaw Coffee Company

We went to Ft Lauderdale today and my hubby got his hair cut. It was so warm and nice weather here in FL. His hair stylist recommend this cafe called Warsaw Coffee Company. It’s about 1o mins from the beach. I really like the interior and atmosphere, kind of like industrial modern with nice music.


I got jasmine tea and guava&cheese pastry, which was taken by my hubby later. He seemed really liked it. I never had guava&cheese jam but this is very tasty. fruity guava flavor comes first, then cheesy taste comes seconds later. It’s freshly rich 🙂


My hubby got an iced latte and pound cake, which was taken by me later. It’s dense and moist, perfectly baked. He liked his latte, little bit bold side and sharp aftertaste.


This cafe is another hidden gem in Ft Lauderdale, vibrant and clean. We will definitely come back!


26 thoughts on “Warsaw Coffee Company

  1. Guava and cheese?! That’s a flavor combo I’ve never heard of before, but I’m excited to try out. You make it sound so good! Looking forward to see what other culinary adventures you guys get up to. Keep in touch!

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  2. Looks like a great way to start the day!
    Since you’re only up the road of piece (where else will it take you five hours to go 150 miles 😏) you may find yourselves in Key West sometime. If so, make sure you stop by “Glazed Donuts” on Eaton Street between Duval and Whitehead Streets for some awesome artisan sourdough donuts, dossants and a cup of Red Buoy Coffee.

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