My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

Green, yellow, red, orange, white and black, I can say Mediterranean food is the most colorful dish in the world. I love how it is cooked vibrantly, it looks so yummy and tastes yummy indeed.


We went to a Greek restaurant called “My Big Fat Greek Restaurant” in Ft Lauderdale for lunch and got Pork Souvlaki and Chicken Kebab. Pork Souvlaki came with lemon potato, green peas, fresh salad with feta cheese, grape leaf and bread. Pork was so juicy and well seasoned. Juice came out every bite. I enjoyed these vegetables and sides as well. Pork-salad-pea-bread-potato-leaf and come back to pork again. Never get over it!


Chicken Kebab came with seasoned rice and grilled vegetables. It is well marinaded because I can taste a lot of flavors all the way inside. And usually breast meat gets dry when BBQed, but this Keban was very tender and juicy. These vegetables were so sweet and tasty. My favorites were mushroom and sweet potatos. It’s big portion, but they are not heavy, perfect for lunch!


We were the first ones here at 11:55 am, 5 more mins…


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