Santouka Ramen

California… The best place to live, because there are many Ramen restaurants. One of our favorites is Santouka Ramen which is located inside of Mitsuwa Japanese Market. The broth they use is Tonkotsu and you can choose four kinds of flavors: shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt), mis0 and spicy miso. And also they have rice bowl dishes.


Today, I got spicy miso ramen with salmon roe rice bowl, and my hubby got shio ramen with special pork chashu. My ramen is very good, as always. Bamboo shoot, cloud ear, a slice of chashu and a half of a boiled egg with soy sauce flavor are my toppings. The noodle is medium thickness and soup is rich and nicely salty, kind of nutty. And even thought it says spicy, it’s not really spicy to me.


I love cloud ear also, it’s soft but kind of crunchy, like a thin slice of celery. My hubby gave me a slice of the special chashu. I think it is little bit more fatty and flavorful than mine. The salmon roe rice bowl comes with salmon flake. It’s tasty and salty, so it goes with rice well. I wish I can get a bigger size.


There are display samples next to a cashier,  they look so real 🙂


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