Liberty Fish Co.

So, here we came back to CA after living in FL for one year. It’s beautiful and so cold in winter here, I would never think CA is actually that cold. FL is always summer and warm. It’s nice to feel like this and wear my winter jacket 🙂


Today we decided to go to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey to get some seafood. It’s a tourist spot so you see many attractions here and there, candy shop, souvenir/gift store and lots of restaurant. We stopped by Liberty Fish which is one of our favorite local restaurants in Monterey. This restaurant isn’t that big, just a few tables, but has a fantastic ocean view.


We ordered a half crab with clam chowder with sour dough. Crab meat is very fresh and sweet. The shell is easy to crack to open. Dipping with melted butter or lemon makes it tastier and sweetness stands out more. This restaurant has the best chowder in  Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s thick and rich clam flavor with diced potatoes. I found that mixing crab butter with the chowder creates another depth to it. Crab and the chowder are the must-haves when you visit Monterey, can’t stop eating!



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